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Rooh Therapy

Where Healing Meets the Soul

The Essence of Rooh

"Rooh" originates from the Arabic and Urdu languages, where it translates to "soul." At Rooh Therapy, we embrace this meaning as the cornerstone of our practice. Our aim is to honor the depth and essence of every individual, recognizing that within each person lies a unique and intricate soul. We're dedicated to guiding you on a journey towards healing, self-discovery, and empowerment, acknowledging the importance of nurturing the soul for holistic well-being.


About Gul-e Rana

Hi there! I am a registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist in Ontario and the founder of Rooh Therapy.  As a child of South Asian and Muslim immigrant parents, I spent most of my life moving from place to place in hopes of finding a “better future”. Throughout my journey, I have been exposed to various cultures, which brought upon a great deal of confusion and curiosity in me about my own identity, belonging and values as I navigated my life as a 1.5 generation immigrant in Canada.

Growing up as a child of immigrants meant that my parents had an expectation of me becoming a Doctor. For most of my life, I had internalized this narrative of equating my success with being a Doctor.

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